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Really fantastic animation and story. Without a single word spoken, every single emotion and thought comes across clearly, and it's just a wonderful piece. I see in the Author Comments there's a plan to release a lot more content based around this animation. I hope they get all the funding they need, because this really was a pleasure to watch.

Hurrah! Three cheers for Sophisticus! Oh how I wish this were a real holiday. Still, a jolly Sophisticus to all!
That said, smashing animation, old bean. I quite enjoyed the whole thing from beginning to end, and the song was rather catchy. Well done!

One of Utah's Best

I cannot help it. I believe I already wrote a review for this animation once, but I'm a big fan of JohnnyUtah's animations (and the trademark JohnnyUtah voice), and this animation is one of my very favourites. I can't stop watching it.

Great points made about Facebook and Twitter. I'd have to agree entirely.

JohnnyUtah responds:


Worth Every Minute

It's been said probably a thousand times before below this review, but it's really worth watching the whole thing. It starts off interesting and quaint and the ending really jumps at you. I don't want to spoil too much by giving anything away, but I will say this much: even when the first shock comes, this piece keeps building upon with one more surprise after another. Well done.

Funny and Well Thoughout

I wasn't much of a fan of Avatar, but considering all of ridiculousness that is the Na'vi and the bizarre concepts that went into them for the sake of making a faux-race of beings that "seem real," this cartoon actually makes sense in relation to that world. It's hilarious in every way because of its parodist approach!

Another Great Compilation from Egoraptor

Props for putting Dig Dug in there. That alone earns 10 stars. Never mind that you hit that right on the head. Hilarious.

Another Great Compilation

This compilation is definitely one of the better ones. I especially love the Final Fantasy 7 short. I'm a fan of the game, but it's so very true. How did they ever get anything done in that game with such head cases?
Oh, and the menu song is great!

Great Video Game Parody Compilation

I loved the Resident Evil 4 parody especially. Oh those inventory systems...

Better Than Transformers 2

I have to agree with foxhound5555. This is so much better than the actual movie...and it makes about as much sense too. Great work.

Very Well Animated, but Strange...

A friend pointed this one out to me. I think the animation is wonderful, but this is a very strange piece. Great job, all the same.

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