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J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist known for his fantasy, horror and humour work and as the creator of Chadhiyana. He has authored a number of short stories, comic scripts and artworks. Learn more at jmdesantis.com.

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The Final Days of Chadhiyana and Rosarium

Posted by JMDeSantis - May 2nd, 2016


This is a final reminder that the Rosarium Publishing IndieGoGo campaign (publisher of my comic, Chadhiyana) ends during the day on Wednesday, May 4th: http://bit.ly/rosariumpub. Thus, this is also your final chance to pre-order Chadhiyana volume 1 (collecting issues 1 - 6) and get the exclusive 8-page mini comic that comes with it (see my blog post last week on jmdesantis.com for more information on the comic).

Chadhiyana has consistently been one of the top-claimed perks since the beginning of the campaign, and honestly, I’d love for as many people to read that exclusive comic as possible. So, if you haven’t contributed yet and want to support Chadhiyana’s growth and my own, please do so soon. Simply click on the Chadhiyana perk and it will bring you to a page to complete your pre-order. Time is running out: http://bit.ly/rosariumpub

     Also, there are a few other Chadhiyana-related things which have been happening of late. First, if you want to continue reading the series while you wait for the trade, Chadhiyana #4 released last week on comiXology (comixology.com/Chadhiyana-4/digital-comic/367781) and Amazon (amazon.com/Chadhiyana-Company-Shadows-J-M-DeSantis-ebook/dp/B01EBDKY34/).

Also, Chadhiyana has been appearing for the last few weeks on my other comic’s site, gentlemancthulhu.com. There’s something of a battle of wills going on between the female assassin and the web-comic’s title character. Two more comics will post over the next two weeks, so be sure to check those out.

     Last, a new, one-page Chadhiyana comic posted on chadhiyana.com today. Chadhiyana: Vampyre Hunter was a practice page I did for fun about a month ago and decided to post for people’s enjoyment. I’d say it’s loosely cannon, but it has certainly opened up some possibilities and ideas for the series, so be sure to check that out as well: chadhiyana.com/webcomics/chadhiyana-vampyre-hunter/.

     Otherwise, keep posting, liking and re-posting about #Chadhiyana and #rosariumpub on social media, and please, again, support the campaign if you haven’t already: http://bit.ly/rosariumpub

     Thank you all for the support!