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J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist known for his fantasy, horror and humour work and as the creator of Chadhiyana. He has authored a number of short stories, comic scripts and artworks. Learn more at jmdesantis.com.

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Thanksgiving, Commissions and Chadhiyana

Posted by JMDeSantis - November 24th, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope the coming holiday finds you and yours in the best of spirits (providing, of course, you celebrate it). Besides the holiday wishes, I wanted to take the time to point out three major things you may have missed.

     First, if you did not know already, Chadhiyana #2 published last month (the third comic my medieval Indian fantasy series; I had previously self-published an issue 0). Not only that, but the issue earned a 10/10 review on SequentialTart.com and was mentioned yet again on The ComiXologist podcast. If you’re interested, issue 2 (and #1, for that matter) is available on comiXology.com, Amazon.com and PeepGameComix.com.

Additionally, I was recently approached by SequentialTart.com for an in-depth interview. It covered my process, Chadhiyana (mostly) and even how I began working in comics. So, if you find this of interest, visit sequentialtart.com/article.php?id=2822 to read the full thing.

Also this month, I have officially opened up commission requests for the first time ever! Typically I only offer these at conventions, but with a number of requests coming in after and around NYCC, and the usual break I take a break from the convention circuit during the winter, I decided to give this a shot.

So, from now until January 31, 2016, I will be taking and fulfilling commissions. You can find price guides and other information (including for my new writing commissions) at jmdesantis.com/commission-requests/. Space is limited, as I’ll only be able to fulfill about two requests per week, so get on the list now, before it fills up completely.

I try to keep these short, so I’ll leave you with that. As always, you can get more by reading my weekly blog on jmdesantis.com. See you next month.


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