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J. M. DeSantis is a writer and artist known for his fantasy, horror and humour work and as the creator of Chadhiyana. He has authored a number of short stories, comic scripts and artworks. Learn more at jmdesantis.com.

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October is Going to be a Big Month

Posted by JMDeSantis - October 2nd, 2015

This next month is going to be a big one for me as not only does Halloween fall in October (my favourite holiday), but before that both the New York Comic Con will be held and Chadhiyana #2 will be released! Two major events in one month!

First up is the New York Comic Con (October 8–11). This will be my sixth consecutive year exhibiting at the show, this time in the exact same spot as last year: Booth 1259 in the Small Press area. If you’re attending NYCC, make sure you take note of booth 1259’s location (the show is big and it’s easy to get lost). Just note, I’m not in Artist Alley, so please remember not to look for my there.

Next, on October 27th, Rosarium Publishing is scheduled to release the second issue of Chadhiyana (my medieval Indian fantasy series)! Issue one (released in July) already received some great reviews and it’s only the very beginning of the Company of Shadows story arc. So if you’re interested in something different, check out Chadhiyana #1 and the upcoming issue 2.

Other than that, I just started a mailing list, so if you’re interested in having updates e-mailed to you regularly concerning Chadhiyana, Gentleman Cthulhu (my new weekly web-comic on gentlemancthulhu.com) or any of my other work, be sure to sign up for the list (by clicking here). I promise I won’t spam your inbox with nonsense.


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