Some Major Updates

2013-04-10 17:43:42 by JMDeSantis

It's been quite a long while since I've written a new update on this blog. That was mainly because I've been hard at work on a new Chadhiyana project (my new fantasy heroine), and wanted to wait until I revealed news about it officially on my website before I posted anything about it here. However, I've finally revealed information about that project, and as there are a number of other things worth noting, I thought I'd write a new blog post.

First and foremost, I added a blog to my website some months back ( From now on, that is the best place to get regular updates about my work, appearances, publications, etc, etc, etc. I will still, of course, update this page, from time to time, but not as regularly as my website. After all, how many of these things can I keep going simultaneously? And I still wish for to be the home of my presence on the web.

Secondly, I will be appearing at the Boston Comic Con for the first time this year (Saturday and Sunday, April 20 - 21) as well as making a return to the Bronx Heroes Comic Convention on May 4th and 5th. So if you're planning to attend either convention, please drop by my table. As always, up-to-date information on my convention and public appearances will be listed on the new Events & Shows page on my website.

Finally, as I stated above, I'm working on a new Chadhiyana project: a graphic novel. I'm still in the process of writing the script. You can get a bit more information by reading my recent post about it on my website: here. A print version of the first Chadhiyana comic is still available on, if you don't own a copy already (click here to order). I'm also currently looking into a number of websites to offer the comic for sale for digital download.

That's all for now. I'll have even more happening in the future; that I promise. And again, the best way to keep up is trough my website:


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2013-04-11 14:15:59

You could always post the same posts on both places. Good lyck with them projects!

JMDeSantis responds:

You are right. I suppose I always could. Perhaps I'll keep that in mind (I mean, all it takes is a little copy and paste of the html version--in the case of included links). Thanks for the luck. Either way, I'll be continuing to post on Newgrounds, I just don't know how often.